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Intelligent ore separation system


Intelligent ore separation system

Purpose and characteristics

The intelligent beneficiation system is mainly used for the separation of ore after crushing. It can analyze the ore content and color in the conveying state, and carry out the separation of content and color. To separate the ore without metal in advance can greatly improve the utilization rate of equipment in the later stage, improve the output and save costs.

working principle

The intelligent beneficiation system is composed of material trough, feeder, chute, conveyor belt, etc., so that the ore blocks are evenly distributed to the machine's irradiation and detection system in single layer, single row and multiple rows. Generally, multistage ore feeding is adopted. The first level controls the feeding amount, and the second and third levels make the ore queue up. The ore blocks are in a stable and discrete state in a single layer, and the ore blocks are separated from each other by a certain distance. The detection system determines the absorption, scattering or reflection characteristic parameters of different minerals in optical, magnetic, electrical or radioactive environments through sensitive elements as the basis for selection. The main task of the information processing system is to amplify, reduce noise, reshape, analyze and convert the ore block ray activity and photoelectric signal from the detection system to obtain the ore block grade or characteristic quantitative data, and then enter the main control unit after comparing with the predetermined value to make a decision and determine whether to send a command to the executive mechanism. The actuating mechanism mainly includes mechanical baffle or high pressure air flow. According to the command of the information processing system, the sorting separation is realized by making the target ore particles deviate from the normal movement track.

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