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Electronic weighbridge type fast quantitative truck loading system


Electronic weighbridge type fast quantitative truck loading system

Purpose and characteristics

With the economic development of our country and the continuous change and expansion of the coal market, coal transportation is booming with each passing day. Trains and cars are two big dragons in coal transportation. In particular, the automobile transportation, which has the advantages of flexibility and direct access to customers' homes, has become the million-dollar army of coal transportation. For this reason, the loading and unloading of automobiles has become a very important part. Our company is an old expert in the production of shipping equipment. The fast and quantitative automobile loading system that has been produced is a loading system evolved from the railway loading system. Although it has high weighing accuracy, fast loading speed, and high-end advanced technology of intelligent automation, its system is relatively large and costly, For some users of small and medium-sized coal mines and small and medium-sized companies, there is still a sense of stopping. In order to better adapt to the changes in the market and meet the needs of various users, a variety of automobile unloading and loading equipment and systems are developed.

working principle

It is composed of upper tower belt conveyor, buffer bin, hydraulic flat gate (1) installed under the buffer bin, loading chute installed under the flat gate, truck weighbridge, etc. The idea is: regard the truck to be loaded as the weighing and quantitative bin, and the truck weighbridge as the quantitative weighing system. The control system collects the weighing data information of the truck weighbridge to control the hydraulic flat gate under the buffer bin, operate the loading chute to load the coal into the truck, and control the different opening of the hydraulic flat gate according to the collected weight signal of the weighbridge in a step-by-step control mode to complete the weighing and loading process.

technological process

Buy card → swipe card → tare → load vehicle → verify and weigh → issue the next scale → settle the bill with card → return the magnetic card → get the exit permit

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