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Company dynamics

There is no lover in the flood, and Xinxiang Zhengyuan Machinery has resumed normal production

  There is no love in the flood. After a heavy rain, Xinxiang City has experienced too many hardships, and there have also emerged many epic flood fighting and disaster relief feats, which have sacrificed Weihui City, Huixian City, and Fengquan District. Millions of people have been affected by the disaster. They gave up their families for everyone and saved the main urban area of Xinxiang City. With the strong leadership of the local Party committees and governments, and the assistance of compatriots from all over the country, we have basically controlled the flood, and all production and life are gradually and orderly restored.

  Xinxiang Zhengyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has officially resumed production on July 25. I sincerely thank friends from all walks of life for their concern! It has always been our philosophy to be a good person and a good product. We are willing to do our job well, down-to-earth, serve every customer well, treat every supplier well and treat every employee well!



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