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Company dynamics

Warmly welcome leaders at all levels of Xinxiang High-tech Zone to visit our company for inspection

  Warmly welcome Zhao Wenliang, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Xinxiang National High-tech Zone, Fan Jia, Section Chief of the Economic Development Bureau of the High-tech Zone, Nursery Section Chief, and Meng Zhanpeng, Section Chief of the Administrative Approval Bureau of the High-tech Zone, to visit our company for inspection and guidance!

  The leaders and functional departments of Xinxiang High-tech Zone fully performed the "ten thousand people to help ten thousand enterprises" activity proposed by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, with a solid work style and a vigorous and resolute manner, providing suggestions for the development of enterprises, helping to solve the obstacles encountered in the development of enterprises in the High-tech Zone, and showing a good investment and business environment in the High-tech Zone.

  At the symposium, Director Zhao Wenliang, as the chief service officer of our company, fully affirmed the rapid and rapid development of our company in recent years, highly recognized our company's payment of social security for all employees, exemplary implementation of national environmental protection and safe production policies, and expressed appreciation for the company's achievements in national high-tech enterprise honors, intellectual property standards implementation system, research and innovation capabilities.

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