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Intelligent weighing and reloading system


Intelligent weighing and reloading system

Current situation and trend

The coal transportation and marketing industry is a very important link in the entire coal industry chain. The coal transportation and marketing industry organically combines the production, transportation, marketing and marketing of the coal industry. With the continuous development of the coal industry, the market competition faced by the coal transportation and marketing industry is also becoming increasingly fierce. Facing the impact of the financial crisis, the coal transportation and marketing industry is also facing various problems, such as improving the internal management of enterprises, improving staff efficiency Reduce the operating capital and labor costs of enterprises.
From the development of coal transportation and marketing enterprises in recent years, we can see several important trend characteristics:
1. The industry integration intensifies, the industrial concentration increases, and the scale of enterprises continues to expand. Holding enterprises and private enterprises have become the new force in the development of domestic coal industry;;
2. The pace of diversified development has accelerated, and the proportion of non-coal industry income has increased;
3. The comprehensive strength has been continuously enhanced, but the transportation bottleneck has existed for a long time;
4. The proportion of coal imports has increased, and the degree of internationalization of the industry has continuously improved;
5. With the reform of the national system for the paid use of coal resources, the policy cost factors of coal have been increasing.
In this context, the management means of coal transportation and marketing are also undergoing profound changes:
1. The expansion of merger and reorganization under the resource integration policy and the integrated operation of the group require enterprises to improve the centralized synergy efficiency. The group company should delegate the management authority of each business area to coordinate the entire transportation and marketing operation, and the cooperative management between the group company, coal mine, loading station, power plant, port and customers;
2. Led by the revitalization of the industry, attach importance to the centralized dispatching of coal transportation and marketing and the integrated management of production, transportation and marketing, strengthen contract supervision, improve contract tracking and execution, and develop a transportation and marketing plan consistent with the market economy;
3. Market maximization, coal prices and freight rates are flexible and changeable, and real-time decisions need to be made to respond to the market through the network information environment;
4. Timeliness and accuracy of the management and control of the loading station, and real-time reporting of coal storage of different quality to the group company, and timely and accurate making of sales decisions to minimize and avoid unnecessary losses caused by human factors to the loading station;
5. Coal transportation supervision to achieve the maximum efficiency of vehicle transportation;
The current situation of coal industry informatization has not been able to meet the requirements of enterprise development, and has restricted the development of coal enterprises and even the entire coal industry. Strengthening the construction of coal industry informatization has become an urgent need to improve the management level of China's coal industry. Today, with the development of information technology, leaders of coal enterprises are considering how to manage their own enterprises, how to achieve their real-time control of data reports, and how to monitor the enterprise's transportation and sales process, inventory status, capital flow, etc.

System advantages

As the transportation and marketing management system of coal enterprises, the purpose is very clear. It is to integrate the supply, production, marketing and transportation through the application of network and information technology, improve the production capacity and operating efficiency of enterprises, reduce operating costs, and change the common problems inherent in large enterprises, such as complex organizations, numerous links, slow response and low efficiency, so as to further improve the ability to serve customers, and enhance the market adaptability and competitiveness of enterprises. Make full use of existing network resources to realize centralized control and supervision of sales and shipment, realize real-time data transmission, realize unified pricing, unified invoicing, distributed coal distribution, and whole-process monitoring, provide flexible, convenient, and diverse settlement methods and query methods, and provide fast, real-time, and accurate sales data summary and consolidation functions to support sales.
Realize the whole process management of transportation and marketing
At the beginning of the design, the system integrates the concept of process, and carries out process control in key business links such as sales, scheduling, shipping, quality inspection, inventory, etc., to build the coal industry version into a standardized business management pipeline.
Realize real-time scheduling control
The system realizes the real-time control of shipping business, and provides an effective management means for the accurate implementation of the dispatching control plan. It provides effective support for comprehensively grasping the coal supply and demand information of the whole group, all mines and all kinds of coal, such as production, sales, loading and shipment, flow direction and arrival.
Realize weighing room automation
The weighing room system has been continuously improved and humanized, providing the display of gross tare weight, historical tare weight and last tare weight reference, empty car waiting prompt, tare weight abnormal flashing, direct reference to the delivery note, direct query and other humanized design, and strive to make the weighing room easy to operate and easy to use.
Automatic completion of settlement process
The system can intelligently analyze the price adjustment policy, automatically complete the settlement processing of various businesses, and achieve visual support, greatly improving the settlement efficiency.
Refinement of coal quality inspection
The system provides rich coal quality inspection indicators and supports user-defined quality inspection items. At the same time, users can obtain coal quality reports at any time to provide a basis for quality pricing, price policy adjustment and settlement processing.
High-end statistical analysis
With the powerful data engine provided by the system, any data in the system can be accurately obtained. According to the different business of users, it provides flexible and diverse query and analysis functions, and provides reliable data support for high-end decision analysis of the group. Through self-developed controls, the query display is more flexible and powerful, providing a more personalized display method.

working principle

The unattended weighing and reloading system consists of six parts: intelligent weighing and weighing feeder system, RFID electronic license plate system, video monitoring system, vehicle control system, human-computer interaction system, centralized control system, and weighing management software. Among them, the intelligent weighing system completes the intelligent collection of electronic weighbridge data; RFID electronic license plate system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to realize automatic identification of weighing vehicles; The monitoring system uses the monitoring camera to continuously monitor the weighing condition of the vehicle 24 hours a day, record and archive the screenshots for future inquiry; The vehicle control system uses the ground sensing coil detector and the infrared radiation sensor to detect the vehicle position, and controls the vehicle passage with electronic gear lever, traffic lights and other equipment; The human-computer interaction system is equipped with an outdoor all-in-one machine to automatically print the weighing ticket, display the weighing information, and realize real-time communication between the staff and the driver; The centralized control system is set in the centralized management room, equipped with TV wall, intercom microphone and other equipment to realize remote weighing management; The weighing management software centrally processes the information collected by the front-end equipment to complete the weighing business. In addition, it can also realize the functions of vehicle management, card management, query and statistics.

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