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Crushing, screening and loading station system


Crushing, screening and loading station system

Purpose and characteristics

Our company's self-designed crushing, screening and loading system is mainly used in open-pit mining areas, which integrates crushing, screening and loading. The semi-mobile crushing station system is applied in the open open-pit mine. It is the most critical link in the semi-continuous mining process of large open-pit mines. Its main function is to crush large pieces of materials into pieces suitable for belt conveyor transportation. The semi-mobile crushing station can follow the movement of the mining face and be fixed at a certain working point for crushing within a certain period of time. When the mining face is moved to another working point or flat plate, the crushing station can be moved to an appropriate position for continued use. The screening and loading module design is mainly based on the original crushing system design. Our company has optimized the design, and launched a three-dimensional crushing and screening fast loading system, which is convenient for dust removal, wastewater recovery, intelligent control, fast metering and loading and other features.

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